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First term

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First Term Accomplishments:

  • Saved the Goshen Secure Center from closure at the hands of Governor Cuomo and protected hundreds of good-paying local union jobs.

  • Delivered record school aid for our senate district – over $29 million for an average increase per district of 7.1%

  • Strongly supported all legislation aimed at protecting parental rights and healthcare privacy and opposed any attempt at undermining these principles.

  • Fought back against cuts to funding for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and co-sponsored legislation to ensure fair pay for direct support professionals and home care workers.

  • Co-sponsored the “Pharmacy Rescue Package” and helped get all but one bill signed into law. These bills collectively were needed to save Main Street pharmacies from being undercut by corporate and mail-order pharmacies.

  • Passed legislation to extend the Town of Warwick’s Community Preservation Fund, allowing the preservation of local farmland and ensuring smart development in line with community standards.

  • Introduced legislation to repeal bail reform and protect first responders from serial arsonists and violent criminals.

  • One of the first Senators to call for Governor Cuomo’s impeachment and removal from office.

  • Carried legislation and proposed amendments that eventually helped force the unmasking of our children in schools.

  • Voted over 40 times to strip Emergency Powers from the governor and end all COVID regulations that hurt businesses and unconstitutionally restricted the rights of citizens.

  • Stood up for the Second Amendment and the rights of lawful gun owners.

  • Opposed all tax increases and introduced legislation to exempt anyone 65 and older making less than $100,000 from paying property taxes.

  • Co-sponsored and pushed for legislation to close the puppy mill pipeline and hold those who abuse animals fully accountable.

  • Sponsored legislation to impose term limits on all elected officials, and supported budget language requiring term limits for the governor and other statewide politicians.

  • Introduced legislation to remove the Cuomo name from the Tappan Zee Bridge.

  • Strongly supported record investments in the Environmental Protection Fund and supported guaranteeing all New Yorkers a right to clean air and clean water.

  • Stood up for small landlords, and introduced legislation to exempt them from radical, Downstate attempts to impose statewide rent control.

  • Introduced legislation to eliminate energy taxes for our seniors and New Yorkers in need, supported a gas tax holiday and strongly opposed any effort to raise the gas tax moving forward.

  • Strongly supported legislation to require local labor be used on state supported energy projects.


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