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Public Service. Family Values.


Bill Weber is a lifelong resident of Rockland County. He’s a NYS Certified Public Accountant, a small business CFO, a Cub Scout leader, and a board member for the Mental Health Association and Rockland County Youth Board.

As the son and brother to New York City police officers, Bill understands the challenges facing our law enforcement. Bill will Back the Blue and fight to keep our communities safe.

Bill and his wife Lee are proud parents of four children raised in Rockland County and will fight for future generations to find good paying jobs here in our community.


When elected, Bill will be the only Certified Public Accountant in the New York State Legislature who will focus on:


  • Repeal dangerous bail “reform” and put families first and felons behind bars.

  • Lower costs for our community by lowering taxes, reducing government spending and cutting unnecessary regulations.

  • Improve our schools by ending unfunded mandates and putting parents and students first.

  • Support policies that strengthen small, family-owned businesses not big corporations.

  • Promote responsible economic development and reduce traffic congestion by making the needed investment in our aging infrastructure.

  • End the cycle of Albany corruption and put the needs of constituents ahead of special interests. 


Friends of Bill Weber for Senate
16 Rose Hill Road
Montebello, NY 10901

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We Need Bill in Albany!

Show your support with a donation, attending an event or by volunteering your time and help elect Bill Weber to the NY State Senate this November.

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